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The refractive surgery center was established in 1997. The center is equipped with international advanced refractive surgery system, with first-class domestic experts with rich clinical experience. The center’s main leading team is made up of professor Wang Qian, member of the National Association of Ophthalmologists of China, member of the Keratology Section of the Ophthalmology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, and member of the National Committee of refractive surgery. Professor Shen Zhengwei, member of the Ophthalmology Group of the Laser Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, Dr. Zhang Chun, former Vice Chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Committee on the combination of Chinese and Western Ophthalmology, and member of the Asia-Pacific Cataract Corneal refractive surgery, A member of the SEE Expedition team of the United States revealed the chief physician Jie liming, an honorary member of the World Association of ophthalmologists, special Professor Li Xin, of Xiamen Medical College, and a member of the refractive surgery sub-committee of Huaxia Eye Hospital Group, Dr. Zheng Lin, a member of the sub-committee of refractive surgery. At the same time, there are experienced deputy chief physician Shi Xiaoling, deputy chief physician Lin Qinghong, and Dr. Li Ruixia.

In the past 20 years, the center has successively imported international advanced equipment ,including Zeiss full femtosecond laser, Amars excimer laser, as well as a series of auxiliary inspection equipment from the United States, Germany, and Switzerland, and has carried out more than 10 different surgical procedures such as Zeiss full femtosecond smile laser surgery, full laser smart, femtosecond individualization, excimer laser surgery, etc. with the advantages of " valveless and minimally invasive". It can meet the personalized needs of different patients according to the patients' eye conditions, occupation and eye use needs, and take the lead in the domestic "eye measurement" era, giving patients a " clear, comfortable and lasting" visual effect, reaching the domestic leading and international advanced level.

The center has so far completed myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia and intraocular refractive surgery, with a long-term national lead in the number of surgeries. Each surgeon has accumulated rich surgical experience and won the trust of the majority of myopic patients and their family members.

In recent years, the center has also carried out intraocular lens implantation ( ICL ) for the treatment of ultra-high myopia and hyperopia, making up for the defect that, conventional excimer surgery is difficult to correct high degree of refractive errors. Formed a series of complete solutions for low, medium, high and ultra-high myopia.

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