Optometry & Lens Fitting

Optometry & Lens Fitting

Optometry & Lens Fitting

CLINICAL SERVICES-Optometry & Lens Fitting


The medical optometry department consists 5 clinics, providing comprehensive optometric evaluation and solutions for children, teenager and adult patients. The department was the first institution to obtain the "National Industrial Production Criteria" in Xiamen city. Based on the concept of "Healthy glasses, healthy life", the department enhances the visual quality as well as the life quality of many patients suffering from myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism。

Our department has a series of world-class optometric examination equipments, such as computers refractor, keratometer, comprehensive optometry platform. We also have advanced glasses processing equipments, including Essilor KAPPA scanning device, automatic computer-controlled 3D milling machine and computer focimeter. The measurement accuracy levels at a minimum (0.01mm) when the high-precision scan mode is used. Besides, we provide patients frames and lenses with high quality.

The optometic services also include low vision rehabilitation, soft contact lenses use instruction, rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, myopia-controling glasses for youths, as well as visual function training for amblyopia.

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